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The latest developments in our part of the world has put a spotlight on the children of families of restricted means. When refugees, unemployed and other of our fellow world citizens are forced to live on a very bare minimum, what is always one of the first things to go? Not just Christmas presents or the possibility of going on school trips etc. The children´s opportunity to join their friends and classmates in organized team sports, which is such a big part of Danish society, and integral to integration, also becomes non-essential to daily survival.

Which is completely understandable, but such a shame! Not only do the children not get the exercise and fun with peers that would be so good for them, they also miss out on a socializing team experience, and – for our fellow citizens from other parts of the world – the opportunity to learn the language, make friends for life, and grow up to be truly integrated members of society (and take care of us, when we´re old, let´s not forget..)

The children ARE the future, as we all know – that´s why we decided to cooperate with Danmarks Idrætsforbund (Sports Confederation of Denmark) to generate money for this cause through the bike rentals at our hotels.

Fortunately, bikes are a popular means of transport in Denmark, and we rent out LOTS of bikes!

So, dear guest – if you´re staying at one of the Guldsmeden Hotels and rent a bike from us, you can feel happy about contributing to giving children in need the opportunity to make friends and enjoy life – thereby helping us all towards a more healthy, happy and integrated society, regardless of background and nationality.


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