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Bikes are a popular means of transport in Denmark, and we rent out LOTS of bikes!

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The latest developments in our part of the world has put a spotlight on the children of families of restricted means. When refugees, unemployed and other of our fellow world citizens are forced to live on a very bare minimum, what is always one of the first things to go? Not just Christmas presents or the possibility of going on school trips etc. 

The children’s opportunity to join their friends and classmates in organized team sports, which is such a big part of Danish society, and integral to integration, also becomes non-essential to daily survival.

Which is completely understandable, but such a shame! 

Not only do the children not get the exercise and fun with peers that would be so good for them, they also miss out on a socializing team experience, and – for our fellow citizens from other parts of the world – the opportunity to learn the language, make friends for life, and grow up to be truly integrated members of society (and take care of us, when we’re old, let’s not forget..)

1 Day

150 DKK

2 Days

250 DKK

3 Days

300 DKK

Collaboration with Dansk Idræftsforbund - Guldsmeden Hotels

Collaboration with Danmarks Idrætsforbund (Sports Confederation of Denmark)​

Rent a bike - Guldsmeden Hotels

So, dear guest – 

If you’re staying at one of the Guldsmeden Hotels and rent a bike from us, you can feel happy about contributing to giving children in need the opportunity to make friends and enjoy life – 

Thereby helping us all towards a more healthy, happy and integrated society, regardless of background and nationality.


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