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Become a Friend of the Family

Welcome to Friends of the Family, Guldsmeden Hotels’ loyalty program designed especially for our favorite guests. As a member, you’ll get access to exclusive member rates on our rooms and other perks that will make your stay even better!

The loyalty program has four levels: Friend, Best Friend, BFF, and Soulmate. With our loyalty program, the more you hang out with us, the higher you’ll climb the ranks! Starting at the Friend level, you’ll receive exclusive member rates and earn points every time you stay with us. As you rack up more points, you’ll reach the Best Friend level and get even better deals. The higher your rank, the better your rate will be!

But that’s not all! Keep staying with us and you’ll soon become a BFF, where you’ll get access to rewards and experiences. And for our most loyal guests, we have the Soulmate level, where you’ll get the ultimate perks and VIP treatment.

Plus, you’ll get special offers and other cool stuff throughout the year. And our team is always here to give you the personal service that makes you feel like you’re right at home.

Ready to join the family? Sign up for Friends of the Family today and start climbing the ranks!

Please note that the following rules apply:

  • Bonus member benefits only apply to bookings made on the Guldsmeden Hotels website. 

  • Your status at the time of booking is valid for your reservation.

  • When booking with bonus points, the daily rate is always applicable.

  • Your level is calculated on the number of room nights in the period today’s date – 365. 

We look forward to seeing you again, and are happy to be able to offer you even more value for your money!  

Guldsmeden Hotels are founded on the basis of love of good hostmanship, and the hotels are all operated by dedicated guidelines within sustainability and ecology.  

All hotels are Green Globe and Gold-Ø-certified (the official Danish label for 90-100% organic produce). 

Sandra and Marc Weinert opened the first Hotel Guldsmeden in Guldsmedgade in Århus in 1999.  Innate curiosity, a wish for continuous growth and improvement, and a sense of fun at facing new challenges is what drives us every day. 

The entire Guldsmeden Hotels group, in Denmark as well as abroad, stands on the shoulders of our own history, which began with a hotel in Guldsmedgade in Århus.

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