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Nothing changes until something moves

The past years have been kind to us at the Guldsmeden Hotels! At the same time, it´s important to recognize that not everyone has been equally fortunate – recent societal developments in both Denmark and the rest of the world have left a large number of families, of both refugee and local backgrounds, with very reduced means, and memberships to organized sports activities are usually not a first priority for impoverished families. Sports is a great equalizer and integrator – we´re all the same on the playing fields!

It´s important for Guldsmeden Hotels to contribute something of our good fortune, so we dedicate our bicycle rental fees (which are considerable, our guests love to bike around Copenhagen!) to the Sports Confederation of Denmark, who then give out free sports memberships and money for equipment to needy families.  You can read more about the project ”Idræt for alle børn” here – and if you or your company wish to explore the possibility of contributing, you can contact Lars Kruse, Project Manager at Danmarks Idrætsforbund here.

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