Our Hood Vesterbro

Vesterbro is one of the coolest areas in the Danish capital, and has been named as one of the foremost hipster neighbourhoods on the planet.

Formerly an infamous red-light, working-class neighbourhood, Vesterbro´s turnaround began with the transformation of the old cattle market Øksnehallen into a light and stylish exhibition hall. The whole area around Øksnehallen, the former meatpacking district, is now completely re-invented and abuzz with amazing restaurants, nightclubs, galleries, cafés, green oases and much more – while still maintaining its gritty & urban rock´n´roll feel.  Along Vesterbrogade and Istedgade, you will also find plenty of bars, restaurants, and designer stores. And don´t miss Vesterbro´s own food street, Frenchy Værnedamsvej – a gourmet’s paradise with specialist cheese, wine, fish and chocolate shops, as well as cafes and grocers.

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