Our pet-friendly hotels

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Bring your furry friend with you when you stay at Guldsmeden Hotels. Most of our hotels are dog-friendly!

Our pet-friendly hotels are situated in the heart of Copenhagen, Berlin and Oslo, providing easy access to all major attractions for you and your dog.

Many pet lovers stay with their dog at our pet-friendly hotels because it is an affordable alternative to kennels or pet shippers. At Guldsmeden Hotels, your pet is treated just like family!

What this means for you: You can travel stress-free knowing that your pet is accommodated just as comfortably as you are. There’s no need to worry about whether your pet will be able to tag along – just bring them along. As for your pet’s needs: They are our number one priority at Guldsmeden Hotels.

The pet-friendly policy at Guldsmeden Hotels will be enforced by hotel personnel on duty, under all circumstances. Please note that pet owners are fully responsible for accidents or damages caused directly or indirectly by their pet(s) to property and/or persons during the pet’s stay.

How to book a hotel stay with your dog

To book a room for you and your furry friend, simply select pet under add-ons. You’ll find the price for each hotel there as well, as it can differ from hotel to hotel.

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