In this day & age, there´s plenty to worry about.. antibiotic-resistant bacteria, over-population, global warming and climate change, overfishing & deforestation – we read somewhere that there may be no fish left in the sea by 2050, a horrific scenario! One of the really great threats to marine life is plastic pollution, in particular the microplastic that abounds in so many conventional products. They are flushed directly into the seas, suffocating the sea floor and many of the tiny life-forms that live there. More than a quarter of all fish today contain plastic, and the possible health ramifications for all species, including humans, are mind-boggling.
In general, the hotel industry can be responsible for quite a lot of plastic pollution – consider all the little plastic miniature bottles that are discarded and replaced daily, and many of the creams, soaps and toothpaste contain microplastic that goes down the drain, ending up in the fish that ends up on our dinner plates.
That is why we’ve chosen iLoveEcoEssentials. It is of paramount importance to us to do as much good and as little harm as possible – to ourselves, our bodies, our health, of course. But also to the environment – if we want our children and children´s children to be healthy, happy (and maybe also be able to eat fish), we need to start thinking differently everywhere. The products have been designed to do just that, and we are proud to say that we contribute exactly 0% to the plastic pollution of the seas. The ILEE bottles are of course made with recycled and re-cyclable plastic, re-using already produced plastic.
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