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Media & Press

At the Guldsmeden Hotels, we have always had a good relationship with the press. We prefer not to advertise, as we believe that a personal account from someone who has experienced a stay with us, is much more interesting and useful to future guests. We are open to extending special rates to relevant members of the press, but it always depends upon availability – the guests come first :)!

If you are interested in requesting a press rate, fill out the form below – we´ll do our best to get back to you, but cannot guarantee a response in case we can´t accommodate your request.

  • If "Social Media", specify following:
  • Please note that a press rate is a discount that varies according to daily rate and availability. We do not offer complimentary stays.
  • We will respond to you as soon as possible – within 10 days maximum - if we can accommodate you. If you don´t hear from us, it´s because it´s not possible for us at this time, but you are welcome to contact us again through this form.
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