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5 servings Chef’s Choice – 495 DKK per person 
Wine paring – 395 DKK per person


w. chili & lime sauce
3 pcs. 145 DKK
6 pcs. 290 DKK
Sesame hummus
w. coriander & green oil
95 DKK
Seaweed caviar
w. blinis & crème fraiche
135 DKK
Ceviche (v)
w. sesame soya, avocado, mango & coriander
145 DKK
w. miso mayo, blueberry, teriyaki & sesame
145 DKK
Beef Tatar (v)
w. chili mayo, cucumber & mint
145 DKK


Pork sticks 
w. BBQ, pickled onion & chili
145 DKK
Vegan green curry 
w. mushroom & kale
155 DKK
Chicken satay (v) 
w. peanut sauce & ajad
165 DKK
w. sweet’ sour sauce, cashew & beans
165 DKK
Grilled Ribeye 300 g. 
310 DKK


Jasmin Rice 
45 DKK

w. kale & cucumber
55 DKK

Green salad 
w. fig & appel vinaigrette
55 DKK

Beans salad 
w. tomatoes, peanuts & yam sauce
55 DKK

Chapung fries 
w. chili mayo & sesame
95 DKK



Hibiscus ice cream
w. pineapple cognac & coconut crumble
135 DKK

Cake off the day
Ask your lovely waiter
125 DKK

(v) = Vegan option available 
ALLERGENS: Ask us about allergens
Chapung mermaid
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