Wedding reception in beautiful and exotic surroundings

Only 5 minutes’ walk from the City Hall Square in Copenhagen!

Are you getting married, and do you wish to celebrate it with a beautiful reception that your guests will never forget? Then 5-star Manon Les Suites in Copenhagen is the obvious choice. All food and drinks are ecological and sustainable and served in the amazing Junglefish room which contains a lovely turquoise pool at the heart and is encircled by 5 stories of balconies with thousands of green hanging plants and tropical decorations

We offer a light Champagne lunch consisting of 5 different canapés per person and champagne ad libitum for 2 hours between 11am and 3pm, where there is also access to the pool for guests that would like to dip their toes and dream of exotic and tropical skies.
995 DKK per person for groups of 8 to 15 people. Contact to hear more or book.



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