Skagen Fiskerestaurant (Babette)

The Guldsmeden family has been expanded with Skagen Fiskerestaurant!

Skagen Fiskerestaurant has established a restaurant in Babette’s cozy lounge and courtyard.

Skagen Fiskerestaurant is known for their authenticity, high quality and strong focus on local and sustainable products, which fits hand in glove with our values in Guldsmeden Hotels. We look forward to give you, our wonderful guests, the best experience in our beautiful settings!

All guests at Guldsmeden Hotels get a 10% discount on the bill if you choose to eat at Skagen Fiskerestaurant. If you are lucky enough to stay there on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday, you can experience their champagne-and-oyster bar – perfect for the long, bright summer evenings.

Read more about Skagen Fiskerestaurant.

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