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Green Key

Green Key is an international certification, that originated in Denmark, the birth place of Guldsmeden Hotels. Green Key is constantly increasing their standards by which they certify hotels, and have recently achieved GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council) approval.

Guldsmeden Hotels operate significantly above Green Keys minimum standards, but we appreciate the close collaboration and opportunity to discuss sustainable initiatives with the deeply committed Green Key team, and are excited to see them bring the hospitality industry to new green heights. Read more about Green Key here.

The Golden Ø

The Ø-label is regulated by the Danish Ministry of Food & Agriculture, and the golden Ø is only given to restaurants with a percentage above 90 in regards to organic produce.
We are audited by a representative from the ministry 3 times per year, and our most recent score was 98,6% organic! General thoughts on sustainable operations… The harder it is to achieve, the easier it is to maintain. This has been our experience. Being subjected to scrutiny that leaves no stone unturned, means that we are now at liberty to focus on our good atmosphere and hostmanship, and not worry about whether we have been thorough enough in our sustainability efforts.
All Guldsmeden Hotels have achieved the official Golden Ø label, signifying above 90% organic food.

If you wish to learn more about our purchasing policies, they are listed in detail here.

Sustainable Management plan

If you wish to learn more about our sustainability efforts, they are listed in detail  here.

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