Since our establishment in 1999, sustainability has been an important principle at Guldsmeden Hotels. It is an integral part of our decision-making and operational processes.

We focus on minimizing our environmental impact and responsibly managing the resources our hotels rely on.


Sustainable Management plan

If you wish to learn more about our sustainability efforts, they are listed in detail here or download PDF document.

Guldsmeden Hotels purchasing policy

If you wish to learn more about our Purchasing Policy , you can read the details here or download PDF document.

Tips for a more sustainable stay

As you possibly already know, you are staying at a Green Globe and Green Key certified hotel with a strong sustainability-conscious focus. We have also been awarded the Golden Ø for 90-100% organic food and drink – our present percentage is around 98%.  

This may sound a bit dull, serious and abstinent, but we promise you we´re not! We love good fun, good wine & good food – and lots of it!  

In the meantime, we want to give you the opportunity to join in the good work. 

You can make a huge difference in a variety of ways – not all of them may be to your taste, and there´s no pressure - but here come a few tips, some of them might even be useful when you´re back home again.  

  1. How to best sort your trash
    Cardboard and glass items should be left on the desk or floor in the room, where our housekeeping will sort it further. It´s easier for us to sort it correctly, when it is not placed in the trash bin.  Batteries can also be left on the desk in your room or handed in at the reception. As for the rest, our housekeeping team are masters of sorting, and your trash will be disposed of in appropriate containers. 
  2. Turn the water off, when brushing your teeth, and limit your showers to 3 minutes.
  3. If not controlled by a master switch, please turn off all lamps, TV and radio when leaving the room. 
  4. Even though our bathroom products are 100% organic and biodegradable, and emit 0% micro-plastic into our seas, we still request that you don´t overuse them, as over-dosage and overuse is one of the major pollutants in the world today. We have a strong focus on not over-using our cleaning products as well, even though they live up to the same strict standards as the rest of our products.
  5. Some like it hot! And some like it cooler – but please turn off the heating when opening windows.
  6. We recycle! More or less everything! Plastic bags that you leave behind are folded and packaged for re-use by other guests; books and magazines that you leave behind are brought to the lobby for the enjoyment of others. Pens, pads and pencils are happily re-used in reception and back-office, and since many bottles and cans are in a “return” system in Denmark, where they get washed and re-used as they are, we make sure to return the ones you leave behind. So no need to fill up the trash can with all your leftovers, our scavenging tendencies are more easily met when we can see what´s what.
  7. Re-use of towels: Towels left on floor will be replaced, so hang up the ones you want to re-use

We love being introduced to ideas and possibilities, and are always in the process of implementing something new - if you have any good tips to share with us, questions or comments, these are most welcome! Write to us on and we will get back to you.  

It is our aim to be organic, fair-trade and biodegradable wherever possible, and to support local, sustainability-minded suppliers and organizations. As good as all food and drink are organic (approx. 98%) and sourced according to a strict no-fly policy, so you can rest assured that all that you eat and drink during your stay has not been flown in.  

We also care deeply about animal welfare, biodiversity and social equality, and do our best to incorporate these considerations into all our purchases, efforts and decisions. Read more about our concrete efforts here and about our purchasing policy here 

Have a wonderful stay!