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Guldsmeden Hotels have always had a preference for local and sustainable products – especially those that we eat and drink – and we must admit that we are becoming quite fundamentalist in our old age. We place great emphasis on healthy ingredients and consideration for seasonal and local produce. Our joy in all the wonderful flavours that nature has to offer, combined with an innate curiosity, creates a steady flow of culinary surprises, always based on the fundamental principles of sustainability. 

Our restaurants are big on flavour – simple and abundant, rustic and delicious, our menu is made up of the highest quality sustainably sourced fresh ingredients, lovingly grown and bred by a number of small and mainly local suppliers. 

As is probably evident, we REALLY love our food – and spend a LOT of time sourcing it, cooking and tasting it, and enjoying it… And with that food love comes a reluctance to throw any of it out. So we have asked around, collected knowledge and ideas, and perfected a number of techniques and good habits to enable us to make the very most of our beloved food. 


Sustainable Management plan

If you wish to learn more about our sustainability efforts, they are listed in detail  here.

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