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Guldsmeden Hotels have always had a preference for local and sustainable products – especially those that we eat and drink – and we must admit that we are becoming quite fundamentalist in our old age ?..

Overall, sustainability for us is the fundamental element of our entire operation, and no decision is made, a production started, or a new process was introduced without the sustainability angle having defined it first. It is our first priority that sets all the goals.

We are committed to giving our guests a wonderful stay with as little negative environmental impact as possible, while contributing to the common pool of knowledge regarding sustainable practices within daily operations. As a company founded in an entrepreneurial spirit, we are in constant development – but our core strength will always be to provide a warm and personal experience, and to say goodbye to our guests having given them the satisfaction of a wonderful stay, a feeling of having been cared for, a wish to return – and hopefully a few good tips and ideas for a more environmentally sound everyday life.

Sustainable Management plan
If you wish to learn more about our sustainability efforts, they are listed in detail here or download PDF document.

Guldsmeden Hotels Purchasing Policy
If you wish to learn more about our Purchasing Policy , you can read the details here or download PDF document.

Green Globe

The Global leader in Sustainable Tourism Certification “Protecting the environment is both a moral obligation and a business imperative for travel and tourism, the world’s largest industry. It can effectively reach millions of customers with a coherent and compelling environmental message.”


Green Key is an international certification, that originated in Denmark, the birth place of Guldsmeden Hotels. Green Key is constantly increasing their standards by which they certify hotels, and have recently achieved GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council) approval.

Guldsmeden Hotels operate significantly above Green Keys minimum standards, but we appreciate the close collaboration and opportunity to discuss sustainable initiatives with the deeply committed Green Key team, and are excited to see them bring the hospitality industry to new green heights. Read more about Green Key here.


The Golden Ø

The Ø-label is regulated by the Danish Ministry of Food & Agriculture, and the golden Ø is only given to restaurants with a percentage above 90 in regards to organic produce. We are audited by a representative from the ministry once a year, and our most recent score was 99,5% organic!

Our general thoughts on sustainable operations – the harder it is to achieve, the easier it is to maintain. This has been our experience. Being subjected to scrutiny that leaves no stone unturned, means that we are now at liberty to focus on our good atmosphere and hostmanship, and not worry about whether we have been thorough enough in our sustainability efforts.

All own-run restaurants and bars at the Guldsmeden Hotels in Denmark have achieved the official Danish Gold Ø-label for 90-100% organic produce. 1 restaurants are outsourced – at Babette to Skagen Fiskerestaurant.

For those of our hotels in countries outside of Denmark, that do not have a similar official label, we strive to purchase as much organic and locally sourced food & beverages as possible.

If you wish to learn more about our purchasing policies, they are listed in detail here.


 We have chosen to certify our range with ECOCERT, for our amenities products, which means that both content and packaging is carefully selected, based on farming, processing, manufacturing and working conditions. Our procedures meet strict sustainable requirements in terms of health and environment.

Prolana - beds and linen

We have always prided ourselves on the comfort and quality of our beds and linen, and recently we have also taken the extra step of including animal welfare and climate concerns into the equation. The production of down is, in addition to being very unregulated, also very chemically heavy. As a consequence, we have gone into cooperation with ProLana, a German company that – in addition to being in total control of their sourcing of sustainable down – also makes mattresses, pillows and duvets of natural, fairtrade, certified, non-toxic materials such as natural latex, rubberized coconut, wool from camels, yak and sheep, silk and cotton. ProLana ensure us maximum comfort and a clear conscience – sweet dreams! 


All products purchased by or produced for Guldsmeden Hotels come from organic and/or fair-trade suppliers.

Fairtrade changes the way trade works through better prices, decent working conditions and a fairer deal for farmers and workers in developing countries.

By choosing Fairtrade products, people can create change through their everyday actions, and farming communities can improve their lives and invest in their future.


DIF get2sport har eksisteret siden 2005 og har løbende udviklet sig og tilføjet nye samarbejdskommuner og foreninger. I 2021 støtter DIF get2sport 75 foreninger i 55 udsatte boligområder, som ligger i 28 forskellige kommuner.


Our lovely Hotel Lulu in Berlin is part of GreenSign, which have since 2014 helped hotels improveme and an integrated environmental management system help to effectively conserve resources  certified hotels improve their green image among guests and employees. Read more about GreenSign here.

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