Guldsmeden Hotels purchasing policy


This policy is implemented by the 5 Guldsmeden Hotels in Copenhagen.

With a sustainable and ethical purchasing policy, Guldsmeden Hotels will act with the least possible impact on the environment and contribute towards a more environmentally friendly shopping culture in the tourism industry.

When purchasing, the focus is on price, quality, service, delivery reliability, operating costs, working environment, ethical conditions and on products and services with the least possible impact on the environment during their life cycle.
This entails that:

  • Guldsmeden Hotels want to purchase goods and services that, during production, use and disposal, result in the least possible waste of resources and pollution; e.g. goods that live up to an environmental label.
  • Guldsmeden Hotels is generally positive towards business partners who make an active effort for the environment and constantly seek to reduce environmental impact in connection with the product or service. It can be anything from minimizing water, energy and chemical consumption to the use of smaller and more environmentally friendly packaging and wrapping, choice of mode of transport, consideration for animal welfare and much more.
  • In most cases, Guldsmeden Hotels wants to compare the operating costs with the purchase, establishment and maintenance costs, as overall price and environmental savings can often be achieved even if the purchase price is higher. In the case of improvements and renovations, the repayment period is also considered.
  • Guldsmeden Hotels takes quantity into consideration when goods are ordered. Efforts are made to buy reasonable quantities of products, so that there is neither too much waste or stock, nor too little ordered, so that there is increased transport and packaging.
  • Guldsmeden Hotels takes a position on the quality of the product, so that durability is increased and thus minimizes the need for replacement and subsequent disposal of, for example, fixtures. In order for the environmental benefit to be in a reasonable balance with work effort and expenses, it must be assessed where and how the least negative environmental impact for the expense can be achieved.

This policy is firmly established in management and is implemented by the Sustainability Manager with assistance from the Green Team and in close dialogue with Hotel Managers and department heads.


Guldsmeden Hotels cooperate with suppliers that use the following certifications:

  • Nordic Eco-Label
  • EU Eco-label
  • Danish Organic food label the ‘Ø’ stamp
  • GOTS
  • Eco-Cert
  • Fair Trade
  • Green Energy
  • FSC
  • MSC