Restaurant Lu Liba

Experience the fusion of Mediterranean and Lebanese flavors, all with a unique Guldsmeden twist, at the Lu Liba restaurant. Our dishes are all made from 100% organic products and taste best when shared with friends.

At the heart of Lu Liba is our dedicated team, embodying Guldsmeden Hotels’ commitment to organic produce and exceptional culinary creations. More than 90 percent of the products are organically grown or come from ecological animal husbandry. Sustainability runs through the entire concept of Hotel Lulu Guldsmeden, to which the restaurant belongs. Eggs, tahini, chickpeas, and many other products are sourced from an organic wholesaler; all meat comes from the farmer’s organic farm Gut Kerkow in Brandenburg, and the Berlin bakery “Zeit für Brot” supplies the baked goods.

However, the Bazlama flatbread, which is served in the evening – a freshly baked thinly rolled pancake bread with yogurt, pairs perfectly with dishes such as the vegan variant LIBAganoush with eggplant, tomato, almonds, and herbs, grilled shrimp with harissa aioli, onion, parsley, and coriander, or even chicken tagine with green olives, lemon, potatoes, and turmeric.

A perfect complement to the delicious dishes of Lu Liba are the cocktails, organic drinks, and wines from the bar integrated into the restaurant. The special feature: here too, all spirits, wines, and soft drinks are certified organic.

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Opening Hours+
  • All weekdays: 7.00AM – 10.00AM
  • Weekends: 7.00AM – 11.00AM
  • Wednesday to Saturday: 6.00PM – 10.00PM
Lu Libar

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Restaurant Lu Liba is the restaurant at
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