Pets at Guldsmeden Hotels

Our pet-friendly hotels are situated in the heart of Copenhagen, Berlin, and Oslo.

These locations provide easy access to all major attractions for you and your dog.

Doesn’t your favorite canine also deserve a special experience? Pamper that pup!

We are very dog-friendly and love it when you bring your dogs to our hotels – we promise that the pup is just as important a guest to us as you are (to say the least !).

So go ahead and book our special dog package and treat your dog to a relaxing hotel stay, including Guldsmeden’s own food and water bowls for use in the room and organic and sustainable treats and food from the super cool and sustainable producer Alvar Pet, which is new on the market in Denmark.

Also, LOTS of cuddles if that’s OK with you!

How to book a hotel stay with your dog

To book a room for you and your furry friend, select pet under add-ons. You’ll find the price for each hotel there as well, as it can differ from hotel to hotel.