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Bryggen Guldsmeden

Denmark’s most accomplished sustainable luxury hotel in the trendy district Islands Brygge.

Bryggen Guldsmeden is what Guldsmeden chooses to call Denmark’s most accomplished sustainable luxury hotel. 

With 211 rooms furnished and decorated in a unique Nordics-meet-Bali style and organic restaurant in the amazing area of Islands Brygge – a particularly charming area in itself, Bryggen Guldsmeden is within walking distance from the Islands Brygge metro station and the Copenhagen harbourfront, where locals and visitors gather during summertime to swim and hang out.

Luxurious simplicity, warm hospitality, an unpretentious atmosphere, and uncompromising sustainability are Guldsmeden Hotels’ guiding principles. The hotel features a cozy courtyard, a Bali-style pool, and fitness facilities.

All textiles – from bed linen to towels are made from sustainable eco and recycled materials. The fantastic showers not only guarantee a steady flow of perfectly temperate water but save between 50 and 90 percent of water consumption. The signature breakfast is organic AND sustainable. Wonderful iLoveEcoEssentials products are available in all rooms.

Most importantly, the Bryggen family promises to spoil you thoroughly throughout the day with loads of delicious organic food and drink, loving attention, and whatever else you may wish for – ensuring that you enjoy staying in as much as going out!

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250 DKK per stay

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Rent a bike

1 day 150 DKK / 2 days 250 DKK / 3 days 300 DKK

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Location & Contact

Islands Brygge has a lot of interesting places on walking distance from each other, so there’s always something going on – many small galleries, shops or cafes and restaurants. The neighborhood has a lot of green spaces, and it’s just a 10 minute Metro ride away from the city center. Islands Brygge features one of the most popular harbor baths in Copenhagen, Islands Brygge Havnebadet.

Contact Bryggen Guldsmeden

ADDRESS: Gullfossgade 4. 2300 Copenhagen
PHONE: +45 32 22 15 00

Events & conferences

Bryggen Guldsmeden has 2 cosy and well-equipped rooms, that are bookable for meetings, conferences and private events. The larger one can seat up to 40 persons and the smaller one up to 10. Contact us on for more information.

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Signature breakfast

The best breakfast in Copenhagen! Don’t miss the Guldsmeden signature breakfast while you’re here. It’s completely organic, and the variation and possibilities are endless.

A great selection of breads and croissants, fresh boiled and scrambled eggs, the best crispy bacon, Danish ham and salamis, mounds of fresh cheeses and butter, bowls of sliced fruit and platters of the best cakes, chock-full of nuts, dried fruit and honey followed by our absolutely mandatory homemade special yoghurts topped with homemade brown-bread cereal, acacia honey and almonds.

Lactose free, gluten free and vegan options are available on request.

Weekdays: 7:00 – 11:00
Satuday: 8:00 – 11:30
Sunday: 8:00 – 11:30

Our courtyard pool, sauna, steam room.

POOL: The outdoor, heated pool is located in the spacious and lush green courtyard – lie back and enjoy a hot coffee or a cool drink in between dips! 

Please note that opening hours may vary due to private events.

Week days:

Weekends opening hours:
08:00 – 12:00
15:00- 20:00

The courtyard is a lovely green space to relax and enjoy in itself or from the balconies facing it. Enjoy a meal or a drink there in clement weather, our restaurant is literally 10 steps away.

The pool area also features a steam room and sauna, perfect for relaxing after a long day or a dip in the pool.

Please note that the pool area is a relaxing space, so be respectful and considerate to others, also no inflatable animals, thanks

Please note that opening hours may vary due to private events.

Gym & fitness

Raining outside? In need of a workout? Look no further. We have a small but cosy and efficient gym room for you! Swing by our Balinese-inspired fitness.

When staying at Bryggen Guldsmeden on Friday – Monday you can join Richie’s boxing class, free of charge, from 8 – 9 am.

Free morning sessions with one of Denmark’s most accomplished personal trainers – Richie Addo! 

NB: only available for persons 16 yrs. and over.

We have a variety of fitness equipment, including cardio and weight exercise equipment – everything you could need for an intense workout to build up your endurance.

Free for all guests staying at Bryggen Guldsmeden

Orbital showers & prolana

NASA tech – orbital showers All bathrooms are equipped with luxurious, water-saving Orbital-Systems showers – based on revolutionary NASA technology, these showers save between 50 to 90 % of the water consumption without compromising on water pressure and temperature.

Prolana We have always prided ourselves on the comfort and quality of our beds and linen, and recently we have also taken the extra step of including animal welfare and climate concerns into the equation. The production of down is, in addition to being very unregulated, also very chemically heavy – so we have gone into cooperation with ProLana, a German company that makes mattresses, pillows and duvets of natural, fairtrade, certified, non-toxic materials such as natural latex, rubberized coconut, wool from camels, yak and sheep, silk and cotton – ensuring us maximum comfort and a clear conscience – sweet dreams!

Guldsmeden Hotels parking

Car parking

If you need to park your car near the hotel, we recommend parking on the streets. Bryggen Guldsmeden is located in the blue parking zone. If you need an indoor parking facility, you will find one in Erik Eriksensgade 5. You will find more informations about parking in Copenhagen here.


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