Bryggen Guldsmeden

Sustainable Hotel in Copenhagen

Does animal welfare, sustainability, clean water for everyone, inspiring and healthy surroundings mean as much to you as it does to us? At our new hotel, Bryggen Guldsmeden, we have put our money where our mouth is, and created what we choose to call Denmark’s most accomplished sustainable luxury hotel!

With 212 rooms on the corner of Artillerivej and Gullfossgade, furnished and decorated in the unique Guldsmedens signature Nordics-meet-Bali style, in the amazing area of Islands Brygge – “Bryggen” is a particularly charming area in itself, and is at the same time within walking distance to Tivoli and the Central Station – we see Bryggen as the Brooklyn of Copenhagen!


Bryggen Guldsmeden offers super sustainable and innovative luxury, just see a selection of our initiatives below ?:

You can sleep in a four-poster bed with an extra clean conscience because our mattresses, duvets, and pillows have built-in animal welfare, filled with wool from happy, lovingly brushed camels ? and sheep ? – and they´re allergy-friendly!

All our textiles – from bed linen to towels, our beautiful kimonos ? and everything else, are made from sustainable eco- and recycled materials.

Our fantastic showers not only guarantee a steady flow of perfectly temperate water but save between 50 and 90% of water consumption, thanks to a special NASA technology originally developed for the Mars mission?– this is a must-try!

Our signature breakfast is, as always, organic AND sustainable, abounding with all the favorites side by side with surprising, healthy and delicious touches, and of course with bubbles on the side ?.

Our refillable water bottles for tap water, which you can take with you to experience everything that Copenhagen has to offer, are like the first bottles in the world made of 100% recycled food-approved plastic.

The wonderful iLoveEcoEssentials products are available in all rooms, delicious and sustainable down to the smallest detail, and addictive as all-get-out!

The restaurant, Sole Factory, offers a variety of classics and signature dishes, something for everyone – of course all organic (98,5%) and/or sustainable.

Luxurious simplicity, warm hospitality, an unpretentious atmosphere, and uncompromising sustainability are Guldsmeden Hotels´ guiding principles since our first opening in Aarhus in 1999.

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