The Golden Ø

The Golden Ø Label is a certification governed by the Danish Ministry of Food & Agriculture, exclusively granted to restaurants achieving over 90% organic produce. At Guldsmeden Hotels, we undergo rigorous annual audits by ministry representatives, consistently scoring impressively, with our latest rating at 99.5% organic!

All in-house restaurants and bars at Guldsmeden Hotels in Denmark proudly bear the official Danish Gold Ø-label, signifying a commitment to 90-100% organic produce. While one restaurant at Babette Guldsmeden is outsourced to Skagen Fiskerestaurant, it upholds the same high standards.

For our hotels beyond Denmark, where an equivalent official Golden Ø label may not exist, we remain dedicated to sourcing organic and locally produced food and beverages whenever possible.

If you’re interested in delving further into our procurement policies, you can find them detailed here: purchasing policies, they are listed in detail here.