Prolana – beds and linen

ProLana products

Our commitment to comfort and quality in bedding has been a longstanding source of pride. In keeping with this tradition, we’ve now incorporated considerations for animal welfare and climate impact.

The production of down is notorious for its lack of regulation and heavy chemical involvement. To address this, we’ve forged a partnership with ProLana, a reputable German company. They not only ensure the responsible sourcing of sustainable down but also specialize in crafting mattresses, pillows, and duvets from a selection of natural, fairtrade-certified, non-toxic materials. These include natural latex, rubberized coconut, wool sourced from camels, yak, and sheep, as well as silk and cotton.

As we phase out our current inventory of duvets and pillows, the majority will be replaced with ProLana products. This shift guarantees both maximum comfort and a clear conscience.

Here’s to sweeter dreams!